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Offshore Support Vessel Monthly

Offshore Support Vessel Monthly

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  • ISSN Number:2058-8666
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Offshore Support Vessel Monthly providing detailed and up to date intelligence in a challenging market.

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The Offshore Support Vessel Monthly provides definitive analysis covering all aspects of the Offshore Support Vessel market, produced from the worlds leading Offshore and Energy database. Split into two convenient publications, the main report provides comprehensive intelligence on all commercial aspects of the OSV market, whilst the supplement contains extensive data on the OSV fleet itself. Up to date market analysis and commercial data for eight regional charter markets, newbuidling activity, vessel sales, the demolition markets, and vessel deployment and demand; all condensed into a convenient and easy-to use 20 page publication.

In addition to the main report a 4- page fleet supplement contains in-depth breakdowns of the OSV fleet including details of the entire OSV orderbook , the top builders and owners, and vessel characteristics such as Ice Class, Dynamic Positioning, engine Model and Vessel Design, making the OSV Monthly Database an indispensable tool for analysing the OSV fleet.


Offshore Support Vessel Monthly

  • Charter Market Overview
  • North Sea Charter Market
  • Global Charter Market
  • Offshore Support Vessel Sales
  • Offshore Support Vessel Newbuilding
  • Top Builder and Owner countries
  • Top Offshore Support Vessel Owners
  • Offshore Support Vessel Deliveries
  • Offshore Support Vessel Demolition Market
  • Offshore Support Vessel Deployment
  • Economic Indicators
  • Offshore Support Vessel Demand Trends
  • Offshore Support Vessel Fleet and Orderbook
  • Offshore Support Vessel Fleet Forecast
  • Offshore Support Vessel Supply and Demand
  • Analysis

Offshore Support Vessel Monthly Database

  • AHTS Orderbook
  • PAV Orderbook
  • Rescue and Salvage Orderbook
  • Utility Support Orderbook
  • Construction Report Orderbook
  • Fleet and Orderbook Overview
  • Age Profile
  • Deliveries
  • Top Builder Countries
  • Top Builders
  • Top Owner Countries
  • Top Owners
  • Top Owners Regionally
  • Rescue, salvage and Utility Support Fleet
  • Dynamic Positioning and Ice Class
  • Engine Characteristics
  • Causalities and Incidents
  • Class and Flag
  • Top Designers
  • Top Designs
  • Fleet Characteristics
  • Deployment and Key areas

Essential reading for vessel owners, oil companies, yards, banks, oil services companies, equipment suppliers, class societies and flag states.

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