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Oilfield Seamanship Series - Complete Set

Oilfield Seamanship Series - Complete Set

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A unique set of manuals from Capt Michael Hancox that provide the key to safe and efficient marine related offshore operations

Seamanship is the practical application of expertise in the working of vessels and their equipment. The skills are acquired by practice rather than by the study of written material.
Texts on seamanship can only hope to describe the equipment, techniques and aims of any particular operation so that personnel gain a basic understanding of what is being attempted. As skill level increases and more unusual or difficult operations are encountered the seamanship text book should give sufficient information and ideas on how a standard technique might be modified or adapted to suit a particular set of circumstances.
The Oilfield Seamanship series describes and explains the majority of standard techniques used in marine operations of the offshore oilfield. The series concentrates on Towing. Anchor Handling, Barge Mooring and Moving, the Operation of Jack-Up type vessels afloat, the practice of stability control on semi-submersibles and ballast control techniques on such vessels.
The series of books are organised such that particular volumes are relevant to personnel on specific vessel types.

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The Oilfield Seamanship set comprises the following volumes:

The books can be used as training manuals, planning tools and reference works by operational personnel but it is also hoped that they will be of use to all who have an interest in modern practical seamanship as applied in the marine oil industry.

If you would like full details of the actual contents of any of these volumes to assist in selection of the correct book for your purpose call 01531 634563 and ask.

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