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Seamanship Vol 6 Barge Mooring

Oilfield Seamanship Series - Volume 6 Barge Mooring

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The deployment, retrieval and management of spread mooring systems is a large subject and although a great deal of theoretical data is available, only limited attempts have so far been made at producing a text book which Barge Masters, Barge Movers, Tower Foreman, Barge Engineers, Marine Advisors, Warranty Surveyors and others can use in the field to assist them in their work. This volume covers the use of spread mooring systems from the barge point of view. It deals with both static (drilling unit/support ship) and mobile (pipelaying/trenching) mooring spreads. In the main the book concentrates on the mooring systems of semi-submersibles but the procedures used and equipment is also found on other types of specialist vessels and is equally applicable.